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discover with us the world of fine truffles


In Sicily you can enjoy truffles all year round. This allows you to live our experience whenever you prefer. Upon your arrival, we will go to the woods with our trained dogs to live one of the most fascinating aspects of the whole experience. Actually, our dogs are the leading actors…they will help you hunt your first truffle, and make it unforgettable. The bond that develops between the hunter and his faithful companion is unique. The scent of the forest, the dog focused on his favorite “game” – the search for fragrant truffles – to get a desired reward.
The adventure culminates with a degustation-lunch consisting of the truffles you have hunted, our excellent wine and superlative Sicilian products. Sharing such an experience and savoring the precious diamond of the woods is a way to genuinely enjoy the beauties of nature.

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Giulio e cani da tartufi
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Our experience reflects our love for a simple and organic lifestyle.

We would like to share with you the thrilling emotions that only a real truffle experience is able to evoke: the peacefulness you experience as you enter the woods, the scent of the soil on your hands, the joy of seeing the dogs wag their tails, the pleasure of being surprised by nature every day.

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truffle experience tartufo nero
tartufi siciliani

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